Product Features and Functions

Matriks Mobile is an application developed in Java environment to allow financial data monitor through mobile devices and to perform stock trade transactions if needed.

With Matriks Mobile, it’s possible to monitor Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) data, Domestic FX data, charts, market exchange rates, actual financial news, international currency spot and Parity prices, Eurobond data, etc. Briefly ALL FINANCIAL MARKETS can be monitored on real-time basis.   

Your Account of Brokerage House on Matriks Mobile...

With Matriks Mobile, you can make stock trade transactions by accessing your instant portfolio in brokerage house (for now, Ak Yatırım, Ata Online, Eczacıbaşı, Finans Yatırım, İş Yatırım, Raymond James, Yapı Kredi Yatırım, Şeker Yatırım and Ziraat Yatırım) and follow your daily transactions.

Which needs does it meet?

  1. Instant access from everywhere to financial markets, financial data and news...
  2. Continuous follow up on portfolios and portfolio transactions for portfolio manager...
  3. Follow-up for stock, currency, interest, futures markets, foreign Parity data, precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, oil and petrochemical products prices...
  4. Portfolio monitor and stock trade transactions in all environments...

Matriks Mobile in Short

Matriks Mobile is a financial data and news follow-up program developed to be used in mobile phones, Blackberry devices, PDAs and smart phones.

Matriks Mobile allows you to access with your mobile device to latest news and price/value information on the financial markets and to perform stock trade transactions accessing your investment account.

Application Environment and Data Gateway

Device on which Matriks Mobile application runs should have GPRS - EDGE -3G access feature.
Application runs on the mobile devices that support Java MIDP 2.0 version.

What are included?

  1. All charts about securities
  2. In-depth data for Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) stock and Turkish Derivatives Exchange (Turdex)
  3. Brokerage houses' stock buying-selling breakdown
  4. Trading of stocks in ISE
  5. ISE Indices
  6. Domestic FX Market Rates
  7. Exchange rates from leading exchange offices, banks and the Central Bank of Turkish Republic
  8. World Stock Market Indices
  9. Parities / Precious Metals / Basic Metals / Prices of Goods
  10. Eurobond rates and values
  11. LIBOR, EURIBOR, TR-LIBOR Interest Rates
  12. All economy news

Data Access  Prices

Depending on the user’s data plan, additional  data charges (GPRS) from the GSM operator may occur.

  1. For users who have "unlimited Internet package" from GSM operators, Matriks Mobile would not cause any additional expense.
  2. When application is on a standard page, it can transfer a total of approximately 400KB data during 1 hour usage. This means a 8-9 MB data transfer per month.
  3. This amount of GPRS data transfer, although it depends on GSM operator rates, may result in a monthly expense around of 9 – 15 YTL. As seen, Matriks Mobile application does not cause a high levels of GPRS expenses.
  4. However, users are recommended to get a monthly 10MB or higher GPRS Internet package subscription.
  5. By using the “Connection Settings” in Matriks Mobile application, in addition to continuous data flow, it’s also possible to have updates when a page selected or in specified periods. Therefore, GPRS usage may be decreased.
  6. Related tariffs can be accessed from:

Turkcell: http://www.turkcell.com.tr/bireysel/tarifeler/faturali/ekonomikpaketler/ekointernetpaketler
Vodafone: http://www.vodafone.com.tr/Tarifeler/GPRSData_b.php
Avea Kurumsal: http://www.avea.com.tr/tr/sta/kurumsal/servisler/veriiletisimi/internet_paketleri.shtml
Avea Bireysel Faturalı: http://www.avea.com.tr/tr/sta/ucretler/b_faturali.shtml?pagemenu=servisler.ucretler.faturali
Avea Bireysel Faturasız: http://www.avea.com.tr/tr/sta/ucretler/b_faturasiz.shtml?pagemenu=servisler.ucretler.faturasiz

Device Requirements for Matriks Mobile

  1. A device that can run Java programs and connect to Internet.

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